Empowering the underprivileged


Education is the key to the social upliftment of any country. Sukaaryam closely works with the people of the Bawana JJ colony and provides them with quality education. With a population of around 1,80,000, Bawana JJ colony is one the largest slums in and around Delhi. Every year, thousands more are added to the population.


Battling for the outcome, Sukaaryam operates Bal Shiksha Kendra in Bawana JJ colony, with a focus on teaching various subjects, including English, Maths and Science. Bal Shiksha Kendra is for children of 1st to 8th standard. The admissions at our Shiksha Kendra is done purely on the basis of the academic level of the candidates. Students are allocated class standards based upon their academic and intelligence quotient. The Shiksha Kendra has proven to be the best option to assist students in their studies, along with the formal school education they receive.


Sukaaryam with its English speaking courses, trains people of all age groups in spoken English. The courses help the people stand a chance to secure better job opportunities in the corporate world, where English has become a necessity.


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